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At Zobo we believe data-driven decisions have the power to impact business, policy, practice, and real-world communities in positive ways. Our experts carefully dissect your current challenges and work to identify opportunities for strategic advancement. We use our research findings to craft well-thought-out solutions that address your current concerns and avoid future setbacks.

Data Science

We tackle your most challenging problems with structured or unstructured data, big or small. Our data scientists are adept across a host of statistical packages and programming languages, and can walk your project through the full data science life cycle (data acquisition, processing, warehousing, analysis, and presentation/visualization).

Qualitative Research

Qualitative evidence allows you to gather pertinent intelligence insights that may not be reflected in quantitative data. We offer services across the gamut of qualitative methods including instrument design, focus groups, interviews, field study, and more. Our researchers are seasoned professionals with the skills to tease out high quality information.

Strategic Planning

Now that you have access to informative data, how can you use it to improve performance? That is where our strategic planning services come in. Our experts work with you to translate data findings into actionable steps that bring about meaningful change.

Policy Development & Analysis

Through collaboration with policymakers, researchers, community groups, industry leaders and others, we work to develop and advance evidence-based policies that support desirable outcomes. Our expertise lies in the policy areas of health, education, and information technology, where our staff are experienced practitioners at federal, state, and local levels.

Our Intellectual Leaders

Dia 's career spans almost two decades, and focuses on the intersection of education, business partnerships, data science, and technology. She has served on White House Roundtables, as a leader in the construction of the Maryland Department of Education’s online student database, a developer of state education STEM policy, and as a member of a dropout prevention initiative headed by Gen. Colin Powell. In addition to experience with education and tech policy, she is a mixed methodologist who has authored numerous federally and privately funded evaluation studies. Outside of her work with Zobo, she is on faculty at the University of California, San Francisco where she teaches a graduate course on program evaluation and data analytics.
Kevin leads projects on promoting positive change, health, and empowerment among marginalized individuals and communities. He has experience working with organizational leadership to understand their implementation processes, and to help build the capacity of organizations to carry out strategic evaluations of their services. Kevin has served as the Director of the National Evaluation Center for the AIDS Education and Training Centers program, a federal program ($34 million annual funding allocation) that educates health care professionals on HIV care best practices. In this role, he standardized evaluation practices across the country and produced the first national outcome evaluation of the program.
Matt is a data analyst with a business background. He has 30 years of applied statistics experience. He works with business leaders to turn their companies into data driven organizations. He uses R, Python, and SAS to analyze data. He presents data in digestible and groundbreaking ways, and translates findings into actionable business steps.
Clyde is a seasoned Ph.D. level data scientist, with extensive programming experience in R, Python, SQL, and Matlab. He is an expert in managing, analyzing, and visually presenting complex data, as well as a developer of cloud based data dashboard systems. His career includes experience working in academia as a professor of statistics, and time spent working as a researcher with Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of numerous peer reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. His passion for working with data pushes him to remain at the forefront of emerging data science trends.

Recent Project Highlights

A Zobo research team designed and implemented a mixed-methods evaluation of a Cleveland after school program, targeting low-income elementary school students. Components of the study included online and in-person classroom observation, staff surveys, and quantitative student data analysis. Iterative formative assessment was provided throughout the school year, with the aim of modifying teaching and learning activities to improve student achievement.
During the Covid-19 pandemic Zobo worked with a global chemical firm to conduct surveys on how they could best serve workers as they transitioned to more remote work, while caring for children and other family members. We asked about the quality of current technology tools, what tools would make them more effective, and what norms do we need to see when workers are working from home. The information was used by technology leaders when meeting with vendors such as Zoom, and Cisco for webex.
To better understand the challenges schools are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, Zobo conducted telephone interviews with school district leaders from five different counties across the state of Nevada. Questions were asked about how school closures impacted their work with students and schools. Information learned was leveraged to share lessons learned with other district leaders across the U.S., and better prepare leaders to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.

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