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Data & Analytics Consulting

It’s no secret that data is one of the most valuable assets on the planet, and the way to turn data into value is through data science. Thanks to advances in data technology, companies and government agencies can make up-to-date data-driven decisions, instead of decisions based on instinct. Transforming into a data-driven organization can be a daunting task, however, as you navigate multiple vendors and complex solutions across your IT infrastructure. Also, some enterprises don’t know how to collect the proper data, store and secure it, or best analyze it to use to their advantage. Zobo taps into a wellspring of experience in this area, as we help you build a comprehensive and tailored data enterprise strategy, resulting in a high-performing data environment. By offering full data life cycle services, Zobo can enable your organization to unlock its full data potential, assisting you every step of the way, which means no more disjointed or half-completed data projects. 

Our Intellectual Leaders

Prior to joining Zobo Analytics Laura served in multiple data leadership roles in the field of banking. She has spearheaded global data innovation initiatives, developed sophisticated fraud detection and underwriting strategies, and created API data products to drive customer engagement. She uses her rich experience as a former CDO to provide valuable consulting knowledge to new and seasoned data executives. Laura is an expert at driving large scale enterprise-wide data transformations and supporting data driven work cultures and practices.
Kevin has experience working with organizational leadership to understand their implementation processes, and to help build the capacity of organizations to carry out strategic evaluations of their services. Kevin has served as the Director of the National Evaluation Center for the AIDS Education and Training Centers program, a federal program ($34 million annual funding allocation) that educates health care professionals on HIV care best practices. In this role, he standardized evaluation practices across the country and produced the first national outcome evaluation of the program.
Matt possesses over 30 years of IT experience in enterprise architecture, data integration, business intelligence, and data modeling. He has designed and implemented numerous substantially sized data warehouse projects. He is adept at using a variety of methodologies and technology design approaches providing a full range of services and solutions for both relational and multi-dimensional platforms. His background spans multiple sectors: government, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, Education, and retail.
Clyde is a seasoned Ph.D. level data scientist, with extensive programming experience in R, Python, SQL, and Matlab. He is an expert at managing, analyzing, and visually presenting complex data, as well as a thoughtful developer of data dashboard systems. His career includes experience working in academia as a professor of statistics, and time spent working as a researcher with Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of numerous peer reviewed journal articles and conference presentations on artificial intelligence. His passion for working with data pushes him to remain at the forefront of emerging data science trends.

Recent Project Highlights

A large semiconductor producer needed help managing vast amounts of data, tools, and processes related to their inventory. Manufacturing firms that don’t have a handle on these items risk reduced customer satisfaction due to supply chain issues caused by missing parts. Zobo helped the company reduce their costs by over $10M and improve customer feedback and delivery times.  We mapped their data to desired outcomes, infrastructure, processes, and used AI & ML techniques to deliver new intelligent and data-driven inventory policies.

A Zobo research team designed and implemented a mixed-methods evaluation of an urban after school program, targeting low-income elementary school students. Components of the study included online and in-person classroom observation, staff surveys, and quantitative student data analysis. Iterative formative assessment was provided throughout the school year, with the aim of modifying teaching and learning activities to improve student achievement. Final assessment demonstrated the program was effective in raising student test scores.

A global real estate company wanted to lower licensing and IT adminastrative costs around having multiple BI software vendors. Portfolio managers were using these systems to track performance, transactions, commissions, and other data. They also wanted to deploy new corporate dashboards. Zobo streamlined their BI solution to one platform, upgraded their ETL processes, and identified key performance indicators to compute and present in real-time. As a result of these enhancements the client saw a six-figure reduction in expenses.